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Maintenance tips and tricks for better energy

Find out how to keep your system running well and keep your home or office cool or warm depending on the season. Find out how to save more energy and keep your costs down with the help of our knowledgeable and professional staff. Rely on us to find out more about your cooling and heat.

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Inspect your system regularly

Clean or replace your filters every month in your air conditioning

Seal air leaks

Check your attic for proper insulation

Keep shades or curtains drawn to save energy

Spring and summer tips

-Call us up to have a representative inspect your home's ducts


-Keep shades / curtains open during the day, closed at night


-Clean or replace your furnace filters each month


-Weather-strip your doors that may be bringing in cold air


-Seal any air leaks that you may have in your chimney, attic, or basement


-Repair any leaky faucets

Fall and winter tips

Talk with our staff today to find out more about tips and tricks for your heating and cooling systems.

Contact us today to find out how you can keep your system running right.